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How to Host a Breakfast Party

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day but who has limited it to only in the mornings? I absolutely love breakfast foods (okay not all but most) and I am a HUGE brunch fan (millennial much?). I figured why not go an untraditional route and center your next celebration around breakfast foods. Not only is it fun and different, it is relatively less expensive than having to have a full fledge dinner spread. This entire spread was less than $30 and enough to serve at least 10 people. Here is how to recreate your own Breakfast party!

Invitation: Whether you are hosting something “formal” (birthday party, bachelorette, etc) - it’s always a great idea to send an invite to build anticipation. I love having the the invite be a hint at the party theme. This cute background is the perfect printable for you to send in the mail or download to email your invite.

As a gift for reading the blog, you can download the graphic FREEBIE by Shop Callie Danielle and use as a background for your phone, invitations, gift tags - whatever! I’d love to see how you incorporate it in your next event! (right click to download)

Action Stations: I absolutely LOVE action stations - not only does it give your guests independence to tap into their own creativity, it is another great ice breaker and way for everyone to mingle with each other. Using the cereal dispensers, have your guests portion out one cup of each of your cereal variety mix. They are able to customize their own cereal box with their favorites. Who knew that corn pops and cocoa pebbles tasted so good together?! Finish off the BYOC (build your own cereal) bar with custom stand up pouches and cereal tags. Party favors…check!

A few items to get you set up:

1. Cereal Containers - option 1 option 2 option 3 option 4 option 5

2. Scoops

3. Stand up pouches or plastic containers

Another action station that is unique to each guest is your Pop Tart Art Station. Grab as many plain pop tarts and individual icing containers for guests to design their own pop tart. You can make it as frosted and design or as plain as you like. Have mini cups with different toppings including marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips and more. Now I can’t guarantee this is a healthy well rounded breakfast but I can guarantee that it will be fun!

Items Needed: Unfrosted Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudels, Sprinkles, Icing, Icing Dispenser (if you decide to mix your own icing - powdered sugar & cream cheese)

Decoration: Decoration for any event can be as extravagant or simplistic as you choose. The beautiful thing about breakfast is that your kitchen is the perfect spot to set up your party space. Let me know what house party you have gone to where people didn’t congregate in the kitchen? Might as well make the most of it and set up your party stop in the space.

Using the mix of cereal you already have - create garlands with your favorite kind being sure to mix and match size, shape and designs. I’ve even added some marshmallows to change it up a bit.

Here is your extra tidbit - have each guest don a colorful cereal necklace….either pre-make different colors/textures or turn it into another action station - your choice!

Menu: Now it is quite possible to stick with cereal alone for this party but if you are like me, you need some more carbs in your life. In comes untraditional breakfast sandwiches like the Eggo Waffle Grilled Cheese. There are plenty of other fun and alternative sandwich style (insert donut breakfast sandwich here) but I’m not trying to overload you on all the options.

Now what are you waiting for? This is the perfect party to host your girlfriends over, your child’s next birthday party or perhaps for date night…and enjoy breakfast at night. Does cereal taste better at night? Still under debate I suppose.

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