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How to Host a Spa Party with Akoya Face + Body

I love a good excuse to unwind and so when I partnered with Akoya Spa in styling out a simple spa day I knew I had to share. Do you indulge in spa treatments or are you an at home Spa expert? I use to consider myself an “at home expert” when it came to my skin care but sometimes it is nice to indulge and let someone else do the treatments.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Akoya is the ambience. It’s so hard to unwind in a messy space so when my house isn’t technically “clean” I still have the mini stressor of knowing I need to clean instead of unwind.

Here are a few steps on how to set up your perfect spa party if you can’t visit Akoya anytime soon…but I highly suggest you do!

Step 1: Pour a glass of infused tea or sip on a signature drink.

Mint & Orange Tea


4-5 Sprigs Fresh Mint, 1/2 an Orange or (Citrus fruit of your choice), Boiled Water.

Steps: 1. Put the fresh mint in a cup of your choice and add the orange chopped up into slices. Top with just boiled water.

Another drink selection if you want something a little more “sparkly” is a strawberry and mint spritzer.

Strawberry & Mint Spritzer


4-5 Sprigs Fresh Mint, 1/2 cup of muddled strawberries , Sparkling Water & Twirl Cotton Candy Strawberry Twirltopper.

Steps: 1. Put the fresh mint in a cup of your choice and add the strawberries (muddle more if you’d like). Top with sparkling water. Add slice strawberries and sprigs of mint as garnish. Enjoy!

Step 2: Ensure an ambience is set.

I’m all about decorating a space but sometimes there isn’t enough space or you can’t go all out with white gauzy flows curtains and rock Bose speakers. Do something fun and incorporate balloons on the wall to mimic bubbles. It will be exactly like you’re in a big bubble bath…that sounds fun! (adult foam party approved).

Add your favorite lighting and some throw pillows to soften up the space and you will start to feel transformed.

Step 3: Pick out your favorite products.

I am a HUGE fan of Eminence products and love how rich the solutions are. Be sure to indulge yourself in the good stuff when deciding to spa out. It is suppose to be luxurious right?

Step 4: Invite your girl (guy)friends!

You know you have a true friend when you can hang out without spending money. That means the friendship has substance and the best time together is doing absolutely nothing. How about you upgrade that “nothing” into a spa day at home. I’m sure it’ll be even easier to come up with your favorite spa treatments or diy spa recipes

Don’t forget to pin this to your board later especially if you want to recreate this simple look. Bubble balloons on the wall and fruit galore…you got this! See you over on Pinterest for more ideas and inspo!


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