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How to make your own Abstract Art painting with Shop Callie Danielle

One of our favorite crafts from the 4th annual Toast & Twirl Workshop was led by artist, blogger, doodler and creative Callie with Shop Callie Danielle. She has a talent like no other when it comes to creating simple but STUNNING art and creative pieces. Workshop day I was unable to participate so we decided to do a recap with a one on one tutorial.

At the end of the post, you can view the live video and go through the tutorial with us! Here are all the materials you will need to recreate the mini workshop class and create your own work of art.


Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Putty Scraper, Plastic Gloves, Table Cover aka trash bags or plastic tablecloths

Step by Step:

Start with a blank canvas and select your colors (*Pro Tip - always incorporate white paint to give an ombre affect on your main colors)

Begin to place “dollops” of your selected paint on to your canvas.

Take your putty scraper and begin to swipe your canvas through the paint to create “streaks”. (*Pro Tip - you can use strips of cardboard to create the same look)

You can go up and down or make swirls…

Don’t forget to paint the edges…

While the paint is still damp add your little bit of color to “zhoosh” it up!

Allow your canvas to dry for at least 5 hours (*Pro Tip - set it outside in direct sunlight/heat for a quicker dry)

Once it is dry, hang up and enjoy your masterpiece!