How to set up a Backyard Easter Picnic

Most if not all of us will be spending Easter unlike how we have in the past. Although our normal gathering is what we are use to, it doesn't (ever!) take away from the fact of Jesus rose.

You also may not have the traditional Easter feast and that is okay because this is all what I currently had in my pantry and around the house. Now don't blame me for all the balloons - I always keep a stash or party bin for those "just in case" moments and the past two months have been "just in case" to attempt to celebrate life as normal.

If you have the option to Amazon prime - I have created an entire shopping list full of all the items you'll need to recreate this look. Or shop your home - it's one of my favorite things to do.

Here are some ideas on how to put this together:

1. Select your color palette.

I didn't have traditional pastel colors so I just stuck with a color palette that I felt best blended together - think pinks, blues, white and yellow. I grabbed balloons that matched and made a simple balloon garland for some decor. Around the pink striped picnic blanket. Pro Tip - Don't have a picnic blanket - opt for a flat sheet instead!

2. Grab an assortment of sweet treats/snack items for all your picky eaters.

From the salad lover (think apple, pecan, & feta..yum) to the cheesecake lover to the kids favorite treats like cotton candy and popsicles - this snack board has it all.