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Jumbo Size Popcorn – Craft

Happy Crafty Day!

Check out a project I completed for a circus event hosted at a Chick-fil-A. How cute is the jumbo popcorn box?!?

popcorn craft

Items Needed:


Acrylic Paint – White & Red

Painter’s Tape

Yellow/Ivory Balloons

Black Cut-out letters

Cardboard box

Patience 🙂


Step one: Stripe the cardboard box with painters tape. I estimated placement but I’m sure every 6 inches would work. I use two strips of painter’s tape side by side.

Step two: Paint “heavily” in between the lines with red paint.

Step three:  Be patient as the coats dry. Re-apply as needed to cover up any text on the box.

Step four: Once the red stripes are dry, remove the tape and begin to paint the open lines with white.

Step five: More patience please. Allow the white paint to dry and re-apply as needed.

Step six:  Tape the word “Popcorn” along the widest part of the box.

Step seven: Blow up balloons and pack the box. You can always use balloon stems to place 3/4 balloons in a cluster and tape on the inside of the box.

Step eight: Squeal about how cute this project is!

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