Just Engaged Gift Basket - DIY gift ideas

Has it been engagement season this entire year or is it just me? The excitement for your dear friend is floating in the air and this is the perfect time to extend their “high”. I love DIY gift baskets because you can never go wrong with the gift - it’s all their favorite things or perhaps it’s something to excite whatever the celebration is.

Here are a few ideas to help you stuff your DIY basket:

Le Grand Courtage Bubbly. Cheers to this exciting time with a mini bottle of bubbles. The size is perfect for a small DIY gift basket and can be zhooshed up with ribbon or sparkles.

Something Sweet. Twirl Cotton Candy in Strawberry Champagne was another sweet treat that combined with your bubbly is the perfect cheers to a celebration.

Neutral nail polish. You definitely have to keep your manicure on point and having some neutral colors to show off that ring will do just the trick. How cute is it to even find colors with names “Eternal” and “Love”? That’s a win!

A celebratory candle. I personally have a few signature scents I have adopted that no only fits the theme but smells AMAZING. “Champagne Toast” is the perfect scent to instill another memory of this happy time. Scent is an amazing memory trigger so make it a good one!