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Lola Diner – Houston Heights Restaurant

Not too long ago, I was invited to brunch/lunch at the cutest diner – Lola Diner located in the Houston Heights. You can’t miss the bright orange and green logo outside. It was calling for a photo op and of course I had to do it!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a great meal. Food is the way to your heart right? I am even guilty of scrolling social media to get some background info on a restaurant before arriving. Subconsciously checking off my list of prerequisites…good lighting? “good looking” food? pretty drinks? Terrible right?

As I looked online I was met by the brunch standard – chicken and waffles or french toast. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good chicken and waffles plate and I am falling for french toast but sometimes it’s nice to go off of what the “IG” standard menu item is…and that’s what we did.

We ordered lunch/dinner items you wouldn’t typically order from a diner spot and Lola did not disappoint!

Lobster Bisque

Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich with onions, pickles and Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce on a tasty bun – the bun was so doughy and soft…we think that’s what MADE the sandwich

Pan Seared Salmon with herb seasoned risotto and coconut curry reduction – surprisingly cute presentation especially for what most diners are known for.

Chicken Pecorino is a breaded and seasoned pan seared chicken breast with pecorino sauce with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, spinach and Idaho potatoes. – THIS WAS A WINNER for me! I love the extra sauce on the chicken…it was just enough to drizzle in my mashed potatoes. There was nothing left and typically I enjoy leaving with leftovers. So savory and enough seasoning to make my tastebuds dance. It may not have been too pretty but my stomach was sure happy!

We finished everything off with a root beer float and vanilla malt. I definitely tried something different going the vanilla malt route as I’m a strawberry milkshake kind of girl…that’s what I’ll stick with. 😉

Overall, it was great quick diner stop for some food to feed your soul and to not only get your brunch fix but lunch/dinner too. (Get the chicken pecorino!…for the people that didn’t here me in the back)

Be on the lookout for a $25 Lola gift card giveaway on my social media (Instagram). What’s a better excuse to visit this cute diner?!

This post was sponsored by Lola Diner, but all opinions and reviews are my own.


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