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Neutral Yarn Tassel DIY

Recently attended the Holiday Workshop hosted by Amanda with Amanda Bee Floral. I had the opportunity to instruct a simple DIY. One of my favorite party decor pieces happens to be the tassel. You can connect them all together and create a garland or use it as an ornament. I've even seen these tassels turned into earrings if you dare. Below I have linked instructions and some inspiration on how you can recreate it for yourself.

Step 1: Select your yarn colors - I decided to go with neutrals black and white.

Step 2: Begin to unravel the yarn and wrap around a 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper back book. *Pro Tip - the longer your book, the longer the tassel.

Step 3: Begin to wrap the yarn lengthwise around the book. I opted for 30 rotations...loosen up those hands and wrists first.

Step 4: Slide the yarn loop off the book and make sure there is a full loop. Take one side and snip the ends. Flip and snip the other side. You should have two loose ends. Don't worry if the ends are not even...we will clean it up later.

Step 5: Take about 8inches - 1 foot of yarn (depends on how long/thick your yarn strips are) and double knot the middle of the yarn strips.

Step 6: Take another foot of yarn and about 1/4 inch down, tie a "mushroom cap" around the yarn...just underneath the middle where you previously tied off.

Step 7: Trim excess yarn to clean up the tassel and there you have it!

Step 8: Continue to be creative and create your own color combos. You can loop (or sew) a long piece of yarn or twine between each tassel to create a garland or use it as an ornament or gift tag.

I'd love to see what you created! You can save this graphic to your Pinterest board. I'd love to see you over there!


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