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Rainbow Color Party – Cooler DIY

Although we are easing into the fall months, we still have our heat days down here in Houston. It won’t start to get consistently cool until end of November, beginning of December. This gradual change is lovely though. As most know, I am obsessed with color…just visit my Instagram. I am not shy to bright pops of color and this cooler for a Color Party is no exception.

I was sent the Revo Cooler to test out its entertaining capabilities and it did not disappoint. I didn’t realize how large the cooler was until the box showed up and it took me the length of my living room to pull it out of the box.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the condiment compartments and how it is flexible to move throughout the entire cooler.

To match all the color, I had to add some colorful garnishes including Lemon Wedges (adds a sour taste to the sodas…so yummy!), Airhead extremes (more sour), Skittles & Lifesaver Gummies.

You know what also goes well with the cooler? Colorful sodas! I grabbed some Jarritos and created my own tasty rainbow to match the bright party theme. What color drink would you pick?

You can recreate your own colorful cooler here with a REVO COOLER of your own. I’d love to see how you style it for your next party.

For more color inspiration, visit my Pinterest board.

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