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Simple Southern Party Inspiration

Y’all ready to get “fried” this Fourth of July? Isn’t it fitting to have a southern meal celebrating the fourth…or maybe that’s just my thought. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a fried chicken meal. Recreate this SUPER SIMPLE…when I mean simple, I mean semi-homemade southern meal.

Tip 1: With anything on theme, matching napkins were a must. I picked up these from Amazon. They were sturdy and could definitely hold a stain or two. No need to be shy when wiping the extra yummy crumbs from the side of your mouth.

Tip 2: Rather than traditional plates, I opted in using square baking pans. It was the perfect personal tray to load your plate up with food! I opted for an 8×8 square dish but if you have hungry people, you may want to up your pan size.

Tip 3: Use ramekins to separate your side dishes. I love how the mini dish held Hello There Love Turkey Chili perfectly. Let’s just say, we could’ve upgraded to two of those bowls…yum!

Tip 4: Recruit friends to bring one of their special recipes. I was so excited when Stacy (Hurried Hostess) said she was bring her sweet & fluffy honey cornbread. You can grab the recipe in the above link.

I hope you were able to pick up a few tips on how to recreate your own southern style party. It doesn’t take much, just a little extra love. What is something you would incorporate in a southern style party?

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